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Many women who have suffered miscarriages wonder when it is safe to try to get pregnant again. Some can t wait to try again, whereas other women prefer to wait and grieve their loss. No matter what group you belong to, I am sure you have some questions. Most doctors and midwives advise waiting at least one whole cycle. This is to make sure that the uterus is clean and ready for another pregnancy. Some healthcare providers like to make sure that there is no remaining tissue, which can be established though an ultrasound. Because your cycle can be erratic after a miscarriage, you might want to wait for two periods to pass so that you have a more accurate idea about when you conceived again.

Besides these two reasons, there is nothing medical to hold you back from trying for another baby very soon after miscarriage. But even though statistics show that the vast majority of women who had one or two miscarriage can conceive a baby with absolutely no problems, you are likely to feel very anxious when you do get pregnant again. When I had my first miscarriage, I could not wait to resume trying to conceive, but I was sure there was something wrong with my baby and I was sure I would have yet another miscarriage. When I did get a positive pregnancy test after my miscarriage, I did not seek any prenatal care and waited for the ten week mark to pass, as by miscarriage had taken place at ten weeks. I did go on to have another miscarriage, also at ten weeks, and after that happened, I did wait to try for another baby for a while. I simply did not think I could have a successful pregnancy, and I know many women feel the same.

For some, counseling may help the grieving process and help sort through the negative feelings about getting pregnant again. Others prefer to simply get on with trying for another baby. If you have found out that you are pregnant after a miscarriage, additional prenatal care, such as an early ultrasound, might help you bond with your unborn baby and convince you that you will really have a baby this time. Most doctors and midwives are happy to accommodate this. Some women feel safe when they get past the gestation time when their miscarriage happened, while others only feel that can relax when their baby is born. Would you like to share your feelings about your miscarriage? When did you try to conceive again, and what made you decide?

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