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Having a miscarriage is almost always a difficult and painful experience for women. And, with as many as 20 percent of all pregnancies ending in miscarriage, it is a common hurdle for couples who are hoping to have a baby. Some couples feel strongly about waiting before trying to get pregnant again, because they need time to grieve for their lost baby. But most want to try again as soon as possible. When is it OK to get pregnant again after a miscarriage?

Many healthcare providers advise women who have suffered a miscarriage to wait for a few months before trying to get pregnant again, in order to make sure that the uterus has completely cleaned itself out and also to ensure that the menstrual cycle has had a chance to return to normal following a miscarriage. This means that, when a woman gets pregnant again, it will be easier to establish her due date. But a study published last year suggested that conceiving soon after miscarriage is safe. This study concluded that women who got pregnant again within half a year of miscarrying had lower odds of having a miscarriage a second time. In addition, the authors of the study said that women who conceived soon after a miscarriage had better chances of going through a healthy and normal gestation than those who decided to wait for longer than six months!

Still, couples who have had a previous miscarriage are more likely to suffer from multiple miscarriages and have another miscarriage in the future, compared to those who never miscarried. If you believe this study, you have every reason to start trying for a baby as soon as you feel comfortable after you have a miscarriage. But, when it comes to miscarriage and trying to conceive once more, there are no rights and wrongs only what feels right to you, combination with what your doctor advises.

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