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After you have been through an ectopic pregnancy, trying to conceive again can be filled with worries. You might wonder if you are likely to experience yet another tubal pregnancy, if you are healthy after having received treatment for an ectopic pregnancy, and if you will be able to get pregnant again. That is completely understandable of course going through ectopic pregnancy can be a very scary experience. It is important to talk to your doctor about how long to wait before attempting to get pregnant again, after an ectopic pregnancy. Besides, just like women who have experienced miscarriage, many women prefer to wait for a while before trying to conceive again. If you feel like you need to mourn your lost pregnancy, and just come to terms with what happened, it is perfectly fine to wait as long as you feel you need to. Other women instantly feel like they cannot wait to get pregnant again, and for them conceiving as soon as possible is a way to deal with the grieving process.

Whether you fall into the first or second group, your feelings are totally normal. And only you can determine what the best course of action is. You can always go to see a therapist to assist you in the healing process, if you feel it would help you. Medically speaking, there are no additional risks associated with trying to conceive after an ectopic pregnancy. The chances that you will have another ectopic pregnancy are very slim, unless you have a condition that blocks the fallopian tubes, like Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. You do not need to take a different approach than any other couple hoping to get pregnant. When you do get a positive pregnancy test, you might want to seek early prenatal care and have an early ultrasound, to make sure your baby is developing in your uterus even if it is just for your own peace of mind.

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