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What Are Daily Chronic Headaches?

As the name of these phenomena suggest, daily chronic headaches are headaches whichstrike a person on a daily basis, usually being quite strong anddistracting, not letting a certain individual deal with his/her lifeproblems successfully. The pain may cause people to feel exhausted,distracted, incapable of concentrating and depressed.

What is more, the main reason behindthese recurring headaches can be medications many people are also takingon a daily basis. Certain medications, when taken together, can haveheadaches as a side-effect or even a single medication cantrigger this phenomenon too Regardless, people usually fightthese daily headaches with more medications, making the whole matterworse and increasing the pain.

Manifestations of Daily ChronicHeadaches

Once this type of a headache strikesyou, it is bound to stay present for at least an hour, up to fourhours and sometimes even longer. If you happen to lead a stressfullife, stress can trigger these headaches as well. Thus, every timeyou are under the influence of frustrations, nervousness and stress,headaches may strike you.

Sometimes, however, headaches may becaused by other factors such as blocked nose or coughing as well asother sinus problems you might be experiencing. Finally, yourlifestyle, encompassing your diet, your sleeping habits and yourphysical fitness, all influence your proneness to daily chronicheadaches.

Before you visit your doctor, as soonas you notice your headaches are recurring, especially if you notice a pattern in their occurrence, you should start a journal and keep it for a week or two. Writedown the characteristics of each of your headaches and the usual times theystrike. There are cases when you will notice that your headachescome after meals or in some other situations. Use this for explainingthings to your doctor. This way, he/she will have a better insightinto the problem, as all the information and details you provide him/her with will make it easier for him/her to help you.

Also, there are cases where yourheadaches might be followed by vomiting, dizziness, nausea and othersymptoms. Additionally, pay attention to the drugsyou are using, infections and diseases you have/had, occurrence ofheadaches during periods if you are a woman and during the night orsome other time of the day. Make sure you mention if you are on a diet since it can quite often be the mainculprit.

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