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Psychologist, Psychiatrist and... What?

We are all familiar with the first two occupations mentioned in the title of this paragraph. However, rarely are people aware of the differences between the two. However, they mostly know that these people deal with mental health issues of some other people, helping them restore balance in these areas once again.

However, once a profession like occupational therapist comes up, hardly ever knows what could it stand for. Yet, occupational therapists have a lot of work everyday since they play an important role in the area of mental and physicalrestoration.

Namely while psychiatrists and psychologists mainly concentrate on a mental state of a person as a whole, occupational therapists perceive human ability through their capabilities to indulge into their regular occupations. We, humans, function by being occupied with millions of different obligations and assignments. Once we are not capable of doing some or any of these, we are most usually sick or are experiencing some health issues needed to be taken care of. This is where occupational therapy comes in. For example, if a secretary who types dozens of pages daily, suffers from an injury to the hands, occupational therapists are supposed to help her regain proper abilities of typing and make sure his/her hands are healthy again. This also goes for people who have experienced mental problems in general. While psychotherapy may restore mental balance, nothing but occupational therapy can restore the lost ability to be successful in all the occupations the persons was involved in prior to the development of his/her condition.

More about Occupational Therapy

These therapists work close with their colleagues from different branches of medicine in order to provide the best possible treatment for their patients. They can specialize in different areas such as cognitive behavior, human development, rehabilitation etc. Thus, in time, an experienced occupational therapists can gain expertise in many different types of medicine andpsychotherapy.

All in all, occupational therapists are people who take the best out of each part of medicine in order to provide the quickest and most effective rehabilitation for their patients, making them capable of indulging into their occupations successfully. Therefore, instead of just focusing on the inner factors of a person's health, they take care of social and occupational areas of a person as well, since life is far more complex and involves many other things which are located outside the constraints of our mind.

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