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Information on Metabolic Syndrome

Numerous different types of metabolic syndromes have always beenaffiliated with different types of cardiovascular diseases. Metabolic syndromecombines a cluster of different metabolic risk factors which usually lead to cardiovasculardiseases. Metabolic syndrome usually includes insulin resistance, obesity, highblood pressure, excessive weight, increased risk for clotting and cholesterolabnormalities. Metabolic syndrome is a pretty common medical condition as itaffects up to 75 million people in the United States.

Causes of Metabolic Syndrome

The two most prevalent factors of the metabolic syndrome arethe environment and the genetics of an individual. Other risk factors that maybe affiliated with the metabolic syndrome may or may not include obesity, analcohol free diet, post-menopausal period, lack of activity, smoking and dietswhich are excessively packed with carbohydrates.

Metabolic syndrome can be verydangerous because it may lead to further medical complications such as type 2diabetes and heart diseases. It may also be the cause of inflammatoryconditions of the liver which may ultimately result in liver cirrhosis.

Metabolic syndrome may also be the trigger of another medical condition knownas microalbuminuria which involves the leaking of protein into the urine and itdamages the kidneys. It can also lead toobstructive sleep apnea, cognitive decline, dementia and polycystic ovarysyndrome.

Treatment for the Metabolic Syndrome

The treatment for the metabolic syndrome needs to includethe treatment for all the underlying causes and medical conditions which areinvolved. That includes the treatment of potential cardiovascular risk factorsas well. The treatment usually needs toinvolve radical changes of the sedentary lifestyle and weight reduction isusually a must.

One needs to startchanging the lifestyle by switching to a healthy and well balanced diet. One ofthe best diets to fit such requirements is the Mediterranean diet. It is also very important to indulge in 30minutes of exercising, five days in a week. Exercises are very beneficial forthe maintenance of proper weight loss, blood pressure, insulin sensitivity andcholesterol levels.

Some people opt for liposuction in order to get rid ofexcess abdominal fat but it usually does not do any good when it comes to theprevention and treatment of the metabolic syndrome. There are also certain types of drugs andmedicaments which can be of great help in preventing, treating and reducing thesymptoms of the metabolic syndrome. Having a healthy lifestyle is the best wayof preventing the occurrence of metabolic syndrome.

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