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Is it dangerous?

The bubble gums are designed to be only chewed and not eaten just because they are harmful to the digestive system. Anyway, almost anybody at least once in the lifetime experienced the problem of swallowing a bubble gum by accident. Firstly, in this moment one should remain calm, since if he or she starts to panic, the not so severe problem could actually go very wrong.

When this occurs, additionally, there is rather the unpleasant feeling of having something stuck in the throat present, which inevitably alarms the trigger for the panic reaction. In these circumstances, the more severe problem may, in fact, happen for real, because when panicking, one could not be in charge of his or hers action, and, therefore, by one thing leading to another, one could actually choke on a simple bubble gum. This worst case scenario is more likely to occur in the cases of the small children, which are still without the experience in the simple act of swallowing.The possible consequences

Other than that, if we consider the gum inappropriate for digesting it, it is because the main basic substance in it is the one that is impossible to be decomposed by the intestinal enzymes. However, fortunately, this swallowed gum will pass through the gastrointestinal system simply as any other small foreign body would do, and the problem will be solved in the matter of days.

Sometimes, there will be some following troubles while the gum is still in the system, such as the gas, the bland stool, the painful abdomen, hypertension, the lack of the mineral potassium in the blood flow, the increased amount of the mercury (from the teeth fillings, if the chewing a gum was abnormal), and so on.

Nevertheless, if the eaten gum is enriched with the substance such as aspartame, which is put in the gums usually instead of sugar, the problem could be aggravated with the troubles when inhaling, with feeling dizzy, the distress of the stomach and the urge for vomiting.

Apart from the possible troubles which can be provoked by swallowing the bubble gum, there are also some possible negative consequences of simple chewing of a bubble gum. That is, besides the possible poisoning of the mercury, which happens only in the cases when the filling from a tooth enters the digestive system, the most common possible negative results can be reflected on the teeth and gum. For example, the joints of the jaw can be damaged by the excessive chewing, or the teeth could be affected by the gradually developing injury.

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