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For a woman trying to conceive a baby, it is important to pay close attention to certain body functions and patterns. Cervical mucus can be monitored and from the consistency, a woman can determine her most fertile period of the month.

As a woman's cycle progresses cervical mucus will increase in texture and volume. Knowing what the most fertile cervical mucus looks like can increase the chances of pregnancy for a couple trying to conceive.

As a woman's cycle progresses, the mucus secreted from the cervix will change due to hormonal fluctuations. A woman is considered to be ovulating and fertile when the mucus is clear, stretchy and slippery, and looks like egg whites. There are ways in which a woman can go about collecting a cervical mucus sample in order to determine when she is most fertile. The most common ways in which to collect a sample include the following:

Inserting fingers into the vaginal canal and obtaining a cervical mucus sample Using a soft, clean cloth or toilet paper a woman can wipe at the vaginal entrance and analyze mucus collected in this manner The most effective way in which to collect cervical mucus is to insert a finger into the vaginal canal and circle the finger around the cervix.

Monitoring of the cervical mucus is the best method to use when trying to determine a woman s most fertile period of the month. With regular monitoring and examination, a woman can easily notice a pattern of her ovulation cycle and determine her most fertile cervical mucus consistency. The first few days following a woman's menstrual cycle will have little or no vaginal discharge and the vulva can feel dry, meaning conception is unlikely. When approaching ovulation, a woman will notice that vaginal discharge will become moist, sticky and a creamy white in color. Right around the most fertile time of the month there will be a considerable change in the cervical mucus, it is during this time that woman's body is receptive to pregnancy and fertility is at its peak. Paying attention to cervical mucus changes can allow a woman to notice distinct changes in her body and find the best time in which to conceive a baby.

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