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The luteal phase is the length of time between ovulation and the time frame between the next menstrual cycle. For a woman trying to conceive and having difficulty, a luteal phase defect could be the culprit behind the problem. A woman needs to know what a luteal length defect is and how she can go about treating the condition, which increases the chances of conception and a healthy pregnancy.

There are body signs which a woman should pay attention to which will provide her with a good indication of when she is fertile. Fertile cervical mucus resembles raw egg whites and is a very strong sign that her body is preparing to ovulate. A rise in basal body temperature is another way in which to determine if ovulation is impending. Estrogen is a cold hormone and progesterone is a warm hormone, which means that during the first half of menstruation estrogen is active, while in the second half progesterone takes over and causes a spike in body temperature. For a woman these are also good indications that ovulation is on the very near horizon.

If these things are all present and a woman is still confused about knowing how to calculate luteal phase length, charting ovulation patterns and using an ovulation predictor kit can also help. The normal luteal phase length is about 10-12 days in length, anything shorter and there would be problems for a woman trying to conceive. A luteal phase longer than 16 days is also a problem and something that could make it hard for a woman to become pregnant. When trying to conceive there are many things that could be preventing it from happening and luteal phase defects are just a few. Knowing how to calculate luteal phase length allows a woman to take control over the situation and increases her chances of knowing when she will be the most fertile and be able to become pregnant. If diagnosed with a luteal phase defect, a woman should consult with her medical doctor if she has any other questions about the condition.

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