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Alive and active cultures are the content of all probiotics yogurts on market: it is yogurt that contains a few different bacteria, very important for a human body. But basically, all yogurts are probiotics due to its content of active cultures. The common yogurt contents two strains of bacteria (Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus) and probiotic yogurt has a 3 strain of bacteria (Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Streptococcus thermophilus and L. Acidophilus).

But is there any way to see how many bacteria yogurt really have. There is no way! Yogurt companies can sell us a million similar stories of such, and we can believe in all that, if we choose to believe. But, there is a question arises here. Is there probiotic nutrition in robotic yogurt that we can get in the supermarkets? But let’s think straight. If yogurt is a wet environment for bacteria, are bacteria still alive once it gets digested?

Probiotic Yogurt Health Benefits

Probiotics suppose to contribute body health and probiotics are subsiding in some food, a food that we eat. However, there is a list of good things that probiotic yogurt can actually do. Digestion is really improved with probiotics. Lot of food elapse through body, then through the intestinal wall: intestinal has at least, about 70% of immune system. Everything that passes through intestines goes on a trial of immune system that chooses only nutrients to process.

Probiotic yogurt improves mood. Digestion problems can make a person very depressive and if yogurt helps with digestion, it is logic to believe that it can improve mood. So healthy digestion balances stress rate, because anything really, any stress, can affect on digestion. But there are yet not officially confirmed medical benefits that are often advertised when it comes to probiotic yogurt. Benefits may be; preventing cancer, preventing allergy, intolerance toward lactose, asthma, reducing cholesterol, and soothing irritable bowel syndrome.

Of course, probiotic yogurt can not replace healthy life style, and eating yogurt comes in the package together with exercises, diet etc. An overdose of body with probiotics won’t do any harm. In spite of many unofficial researches (conducted by the yogurt companies) about probiotics, there were no official medical conclusions drawn out of it. The fact is, probiotic yogurt is ok to take, but it may not be necessary to take too much of it. Most of the probiotic yogurt companies actually did not bring out any special or concrete medical prove, on any specific benefits for the body.

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