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Thisarticle will discuss about a possibility to lose weight without exercises andwith the help of hypnosis. People’sobesity is a significant health problem all around the world, and the problem isnot only that they are obese, but that they have problems with their joints,blood pressure, and sugar in their blood.

How to loseweight fast?

You canlose one pound daily without jeopardizing your health. Many individuals whohave problems with weight decide to undergo gastric bypass. However, there aremethods to lose weight without any surgery and those methods are hypnosis, neurolinguisticprogramming and emotional freedom technique. The study performed on 50 subjectsshowed that they lost 40 pounds each in a period of 5 months. There weresubjects who lost 90 pounds in a period of only three months, and on the otherhand, there were those who lost only 10 pounds during the same period. In general, 50 subjects lost all togetherabout 2000 pounds.

Thesesubjects lost their weight by skipping breakfast, eating 5 bites for lunch andthe same for dinner. During the first three days, they felt hunger, but afterthat they were no longer hungry. When you eat this much food, your body has toadjust to the size of the meal and five bites become enough for full stomach.

Eating andrelaxation

Thoseindividuals who had problems in maintaining this diet program used some of the techniques such as hypnosis, NLP or EFT. It turned out that their obesity was aresult of suppressed emotions and eating was helping them to relax. When theyused methods to relax such as hypnosis, NLP or EFT, they felt much morerelaxed then after eating, which is why it is important to learn how to relaxproperly and not to use food as a way out. Other relaxation techniques willhelp you relax more than eating.

There wereindividuals who ate until they were full and they couldn’t do anything aboutit. However, with the help of hypnosis they were able to stop eating at the point whentheir hunger was satisfied and not when they were full. After this diet,a person has to include breakfast, but it is important to check their weight atleast once a week, to see if their weight is the same. Those individuals whoparticipated in the mentioned program never regained their weight and theireating habits became different. It isnecessary to visit a doctor if you want to lose weight fast. There are certainrisks from developing anemia or some other conditions due to rapid loss ofweight.

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