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A Brief Introduction

Asuccessful weight loser is always respectful of the following threefactors: weight loss motivation, commitment and knowledge. Losing oneof the three factors is absolutely fatal to to any kind of weightloss diet out there. This is also why many people who wish to loseweight start off fine, but sometimes soon lose it and gain it allback.

Andthe goal of this article is to aim and inform the type. It is ofcritical importance to, once the commitment has been announced, stickto it quite rigidly in order to be a successful weight loser.

Thisis also true of gaining sufficient knowledge about weight loss, aswell as having the weight loss motivation as the will-power factorwhich drives the person through the inconvenience. This is to saythat the motivation is to be as sufficient as to last throughout theentire "weight loss journey" – otherwise there is nopoint whatsoever in, ever even initiating it.

The Commitment toWeight Loss

Now,this may sounds a bit ridiculous and even obsolete, redundant andall too obvious: "I need to lose some weight, so clearly, i needto commit, right?" This is mentioned a critical factor because,there is, in fact a difference between saying something and actuallydoing it. Namely, the verbal bit is just the tiny first step towardsachieving any goal, and especially one as uncomfortable as weightloss.

Thesecond step would be reinforcing the idea by developing a weight lossplan – and actually sticking to it. The goals of the plan are bestexpressed in or pounds to be lost, but clothes size is just as good ameasure as any, really.

Anothergood point is to allow the diet plan to start with moderate ambitionswhich then build up as the plan progresses. This is to say that aplan should last for about a month or so before a new one is to beset out.


Aperson is always to be armed with as much knowledge about weight lossas there is to be offered. This is because weight loss motivation andcommitment to the plan are hardly enough to make those extra poundsperish into thin air all on their own.

Thisfactor involves a fair amount of research which is just sufficientenough to keep the diet on its tracks. What's more, this cannot be achieved without understanding one's BPR (basal metabolic rate). Thisis the rate at which a person's body burns calories, and is thusobviously a critical figure to grasp before laying out any weightloss plans.

Weight Loss Motivation

Lastly,comes motivation. This one may be tricky since it is not exactlysomething a person may buy over the counter or download off theInternet. It is a question of will power and whether the desiredeffect is a strong enough rewards to put the person through theinconvenience. Outside sources of inspiration are most definitely potential candidates for the fuel of the motivation machinery. These may include: supportgroups, celebrations of minor steps achieved and the creation of one'sown motivational sayings and tips, and so forth.

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