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There is no magic pill/powder/dust/supplement – call it whatever you like, that will make your body change overnight. Skinny boys and girls, there is no magic pill or powder that will make you heavier for those few pounds.

Even after so many researches, people are still ready to believe that something will make their body different quickly, apart from the different diet and exercising. Many stores and websites make buckets of money because of these people.

Weight GainPowder

Those who have tried the weight gain powders and supplements say that there is nothing good in those products, at least in many of them. If you start using the powders, the first thing you will notice is that you will lose your muscle definition. Everything you did in the gym will be lost, because these powders won’t build new muscles. Yes, they are marketed as the muscle builders, but the only thing they would build is the fat tissue in your body. If you had that in mind, being fat and not muscular – then take the weight gain powder. If not better skip it.

Whatever you are thinking to buy, notice the content of the box. In 99% of the cases, there is not a single good thing for your muscles. Some even say that you will eat much healthier if you start eating fast food.

Most powder contain couple of hundreds grams of carbohydrates (200 - 300g) per serving. And when you see that this is all just sugar, you can’t help but notice the unhealthiness of the stuff. It is the same thing as if you drank some 6 cokes every day. These so-called empty calories won’t get you any muscles. Lean muscles need proper food to be built, and there is nothing proper in the weight gain powders. Some of these powders are labeled to include proteins, but there is a really small amount of them, so it won’t help either.

What to Do

The first and most important thing when you want to add some pounds of muscles to your body is to eat real, natural and healthy food. Nutritionists and bodybuilders recommend supplements, but make sure you are choosing the right ones.

You should be eating some 6 times a day to gain some weight, and some people find it difficult. Supplements can be helpful and ease the process. Always stay away from the ones advertised as 3000 calories or more, because in most cases they are fake and you don’t need those. The proper supplements usually have around 300 calories and they’ll add extra energy to your body to build the muscles.

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