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Pregnancy is an amazing thing, in so many ways. A whole new human being is developing in your body right from scratch. And neighbors, distant relatives and even complete strangers think that gives them the right to ask you all kinds of questions. There is the benign "How are you feeling?", the slightly nosy "When are you due?" and there there is the not so nice "Was it planned?" nothing is private any more in pregnancy, or so other people think. If you get this question, what should you say?

If you think only young-looking, unmarried women get this question, you are terribly mistaken. Almost every pregnant woman gets this question at some point while they are expecting, believe it or not. Whether you are happily married and have been trying to conceive for years, just had a baby, are over 40... Nobody is exempt from the dreaded question, "Was it planned?" Whether your pregnancy was planned or not is nobody's business, obviously. It does not matter whether your pregnancy was planned or not. This is one of those questions that is always rude, and that nearly always makes you feel uncomfortable if you are on the receiving end of the question. Here are some possible answers to this question, that anyone can use to "defend themselves", and perhaps make the asker realize how private and rude their question really was.

Some of these were used by my friends, others are just made up. No! I was in my first month of charting to conceive and monitoring cervical mucus and thought I didn't ovulate, but I was obviously wrong! Yes. We tried to get pregnant for two years, and we are so happy it finally happened! It was a surprise. There is a BIG difference between a surprise and an accident. Accidents happen when your car crashes into someone else's. Excuse me? Are you always this nosy, or are you just having an off day? Very much so, not that it is any of your business.

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