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Planned Parenthood is perhaps best known as an abortion provider and a place to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. But, does Planned Parenthood provide prenatal care to pregnant woman as well?

The answer may surprise you, but you can indeed get prenatal care from Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood actually offers a large range of services. They include abortion, birth control advice, and STD testing as you will probably be aware of. Besides that, Planned Parenthood also offers services to women suffering from body image problems, general healthcare, men's sexual health consultations, and relationship consultations (including services for those who know or think they are gay, bisexual, or transgendered).

Prenatal care fits nicely into this range of services. Before you decide to choose Planned Parenthood as your prenatal care provider, ask about the qualifications of the staff at your health center, and think about other options too. If you are having financial difficulties and are hoping to receive low-cost or free prenatal care, your state may have programs to help you, or you may qualify for Medicaid.

Planned Parenthood doesn't provide labor and delivery services. Something else that you will want to have in mind is that many women feel more comfortable with a doctor or midwife they have already met and hopefully built a relationship with when they are in the throws of labor. Exploring all your prenatal care options is important for many reasons. Besides Planned Parenthood, here are some other locations for prenatal care you may wish to explore:

Your local hospital An OBGYN clinic Your family practice doctor A midwifery clinic or independent midwife

If you have any questions about where to seek prenatal care, Planned Parenthood will probably be able to offer help with that, and will be able to redirect you to other options in your area as well.

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