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Hamstrings are actually the large muscles of the lower extremities which connect the bottom and the knee and they are located on the back side of legs. Their function is to extend and bend a leg and it plays very important role in the process of running.

That is the reason why the sportsmen build up those muscles and why they are likely to get injured during the running. But, the most common injury of the hamstring is a strain or pull and it can also happen because of some accidents which could occur when not training. In those cases they happen due to undeveloped and neglected structure of them.

The first-aid

If a hamstring is pulled, there are a few grades of the extent of the injury. The most serious is the completely pulled hamstring, which can be recognized by the following unbearable pain and the apparition of the swelling that grows quickly over the affected area. This condition is not so frequent but the affected individual must be taken to the hospital right away. This should be done even if there is a less severe case of the injury which involves the muscle fibers ruptured only to some extent.

The swelling again follows this condition and there are some other symptoms, such as, for example, not being able to extend the leg totally and the apparition of the pain at the irregular intervals. Unlike the previously mentioned types of the injury the least severe stage or the tearing of the muscular fibers includes almost only the troubles when walking as the symptom.

Treatment and recovery

When this kind of injury takes place, first of all, the swelling should be reduced. It is often minimized by applying the ice on the affected spot and keeping it there at least for a quarter an hour, a few times daily. After that the injured person should be focused on the rehabilitation and taking enough rest. Nevertheless in this process of recovery must be included the actions like holding the leg in the upward position so that the swelling could come off and wrapping the leg with the elastic strip.

Of course, some painkillers could be prescribed, but there is always the possibility of having the physical therapy if the pain isn’t reduced within the period of the first 72 hours after the injury occurs. The mild exercises of extending the hamstring muscle and tendon should be also included into the home treatment of this injury but after some time when the healing process is almost over.

So, in order to lower the risk of getting this kind of injury it is necessary to do the warm-up before and the stretching exercises for hamstrings after every training.

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