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Whenever pain appears in the body, it brings a lotof discomforts and irritation. It is the same with thigh pain accompanied by thigh numbness. This condition may be a result of a muscle strain or a directinjury, but it can also be a consequence or a symptom of some cardiovascular andnervous system problem or disease.

Causes of thigh pain and numbness

One of the conditions responsible for the appearanceof pain and numbness in the thighs is called meralgia paresthetica. This condition occurswhen the nerve called meralgiaparesthetica, which carries the signal from the thigh to the brain, is squeezed.In most cases, this nervous system disorder is induced by obesity and pregnancy, since both conditions make an extra pressure to the groin area.

Another disorderwhich is also known to cause pain and numbness in the thighs is namedmyositis ossificans. The deposition of the calcium in the thigh muscles may occur due to a fracture and these deposits may be reabsorbed but very slowly. However,sometimes it occurs that the calcium deposits are not reabsorbed near theinsertion of the muscle and they can be removed surgically.

Pain and numbness in thighs may alsobe induced when the blood clot or thrombus forms in the deep vein. This conditionis commonly called deep vein thrombosis and can appear in any of the many deepveins found in the legs and thighs. It is a serious condition and it needs a promptmedical attention.

The knee in the human body hasseveral tendons and one of these tendons on the back is called hamstring. It is made of three tendons and pain andnumbness in thighs may appear when any of these tendons are torn, injured,pulled or overstretched.

Groin pull is a condition when the muscles of the inner part of thighs areinjured. Actually, only few fibers of these muscles are torn but however, theycause pain and numbness in this area. Groin pull can be of differentintensity and severity and therefore, there are three grades of the groin pull.Among the causative factors of the thigh pain and numbness there is a conditioncalled sciatica which is, actually, the sciatic nerve irritation that can beinduced either by the inflammation of this nerve or by the pressure that aherniated disc makes on the nerve.

Thigh pain and numbness may also becaused by a muscle cramp in the leg called Charley horse, and even though thepain may only lasts for about 20 seconds, there are also some cases when thispain lasted even 45 minutes.

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