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If you want to prevent back pain from occurring, it can be useful to understand the basic causes of why it might develop. This requires one to comprehend the links between connective tissues, joints and how they combine to cause back pain.


It is necessary for something to exist in order to allow tissue to connect with bone and muscle, and it is our joints that provide this service. Joints also give us mobility, thus allowing us to perform a wide range of motions. So, in summary, joints provide stability, flexibility and the capability to control the movement of the bones.

Linears and synoviums are part and parcel of our points. These help us to store fluids like synovium and antibodies, which assist in lubrication. Such fluids allow friction to occur in the cartilage and also help us with regard to shock absorption. Ligaments and connective tissues also exist on the outer sides on the joints.


As for connective tissues, their purpose is to join our tissue with different parts of our body. They play a significant role in maintaining the proper musculoskeletal abilities or our bodies. The formation of connective tissue occurs in the same way as other kinds of tissue including fats, tendons, cartilages, ligaments, bones and fats. These tissues consist of various cells and fibers that are enclosed by intercellular matrix and can take the form of solids, gels or liquids according to its function.

There are two types of dense connective tissues, dense irregular tissues and dense regular tissues. The former is developed when elastic fibers and collagen run in various different combinations within the intercellular matrix. Dense regular tissues are formed with all the fibers leading in the same direction. This typically occurs in tendons, which connect muscle to bone.

Problems and Treatment

If there is a problem with either connective tissues or joints, this can cause serious problems. If joint alignment is interrupted, it may hamper the joints ability to store fluid. Abnormalities cause a reduction in elasticity and this is when back pain can occur. One abnormality that is particularly associated with back pain in sacroiliac joint dysfunction. This causes instability in the pelvis, thus leading to problems such as anterior groin pain and pelvic rotation. Should inflammation of the sacroiliac joint occur, this may result in severe pain.

In order to address the problems, you can use chiropractic care. It is highly recommended by many health experts. Otherwise, physical therapy and massage therapy are alternative solutions. However, first of all, you need to immediately cut back on strenuous physical activity should these abnormalities occur. Do not lift heavy weights or perform any similar activities.

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