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Essential care

This is somethingthat everybody surely knows – taking care of one’s eyes is of utmostimportance and the significance of it can never be emphasized enough. Therefore, a proper and well-timed treatment must be at the forefront of each person’sgoals, be it in cases of those minor or major problems that may befall one’seyes. In reference to this, and depending on your problem, there are differenttypes of doctors you can turn to in order to get not only advice on furthersteps that need to be taken, but also to get a proper and most beneficial andeffective eye treatment.

Eye doctors

Ophthalmologist refers to those eyetreatment and care experts who are responsible for the surgical medicaltreatment of the person’s eyes. What is meant by this surgical treatment isboth a general or specific kind of operational procedures. More frequently usedvarieties are phacoemulsification (treatment of cataracts), and also electiverefractive surgery. In case of younger persons, the most commonly opted forprocedure is the laser in-situ keratomileusis. As for the latter of the abovementioned two, important to know is that they reside on the use of an excimerlaser source, which is employed for the purpose of cataract examination. In addition,these experts are the ones who provide the treatment of the particular eyedisease and aid in diagnosing each of themOptometrist refers to those doctorswho can perform their line of work immediately after finishing four years ofpre-undergraduate education, or extra one year of studies at one of the recognized colleges. They are not taught and trained to do surgical procedures,nor do they treat any general or particular eye related ailments. What they do insteadis perform tests with the aim to establish if a person in question is capableof identifying the colors, as well as to potentially discover if there existsa certain common eye problem (e.g. shortsightedness, farsightedness,astigmatism, presbyopia etc.). What they are additionally entitled to isperforming the research on the internal, as well as external eye structure, insearch of more serious problems such as cataract, glaucoma and retinaldetachment.Opticians refer to those persons whoperform the function of either ophthalmologists’ or optometrists’ assistant, inthe process of providing care to the person in need of one.Retinal specialists refer to thespecialists whom a person needs to address if advised and recommended by anoptometrist or by an ophthalmologist.Orthoptist refers to the specialist who aids in the course of disorder treatments of both eyes.

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