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Health and age are the factors that determine the time needed for the recovery of appendectomy and in the following text, we will deal with this issue. The infected or inflamed appendix removal is called appendectomy and it is common with minimal rupture chances for the appendix. We have mentioned age and health as some of the factors contributing to the length of the recovery, and to them we can add possible complications, pre-surgery conditions and several more. This procedure is done under local anesthesia, so the patient will not feel any pain. The abdomen's right side is the place where a small incision will be made and through this incision the appendix will be removed. There is another option called laparoscopic appendectomy, and it involves minimal invasive technique during which a small camera will be inserted. The time needed for the recovery after this surgery is minimal, because the incision is tiny and a patient may recover after just one day. So, with the open appendectomy there are 3 days of hospitalization and 36 hours of post-operative pain involved, while laparoscopic appendectomy involves one day of hospitalization and 12 hours of post-operative pain. The recovery greatly depends on the general health of the patients, but age plays an important part as well. So, children younger than 10 will need 3 weeks to recover and they will return to full activities after 4 to 6 weeks. The appendix may burst and this will require more time for recovery. You will have to take great care because this will help you in your recovery and make the recovery time shorter.


We will give you some pointers on how the take care during your recovery and make it last shorter. Rest is very important and any demanding activity must be avoided in the initial several weeks. The period during which strenuous activities must be avoided for the open appendectomy is from 10 to 14 days. Also, the abdomen must be supported because this will reduce the pain that will probably be felt during movement, coughing or laughing. It is important to say that pain will be felt for sure, but if the pain is too strong, it can interfere with the recovery and make it last longer. This is why it is best to seek medical assistance in these situations. Avoid stress on your body once you return to the usual activities. Kids should be careful in the gym once they return to school, which should be approximately a week after the surgery. Eat right (foods that are rich in vitamins) and boost your immune system, and you can also include vitamin A or beta-carotene supplements. The skin healing and immune system strengthening will be aided by the vitamin C, but these supplements can be taken before consulting your doctor. Rest and restrain yourself from more demanding activities and you will recuperate fast.

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