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What are cortisol blockers and what are they used for?

Cortisol blockers are supplements containing cortisol, whichare used mostly for losing weight and for building the muscle mass. Their mechanismof action consists of blocking the action of cortisol, the hormone that thebody produces naturally, or that is released by the adrenal cortex, to be moreprecise. This way, the metabolism is increased, and people can lose theirweight more easily, although it has been noticed that in people who used thesesupplements the level of stress decreased. Stress and anxiety are known to triggerthe secretion of it, and if the amount of cortisol in the blood is increased,many disorders are possible, of which the most serious is gaining weight. However,it has been proven that in order for stress to result in gaining weight, theperson has to be exposed to it for a considerable period of time, or thepresence of stress has to be constant.

Besides these effects, cortisol blockers have an effect onmuscle mass, which is why people who are into bodybuilding are particularlyinterested in using this hormone through the dietary supplements.

Are there any side effects of cortisol blockers or they areperfectly safe?

As for the safety of this supplement, there are some indicationsthat increased cortisol level for a longer period may increase the risk ofconditions such as depression, osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension andinfections, but the truth is that there are no studies regarding its safety orside effects. It is well-known that increased levels of cortisol in the bodymay cause some problems, which is why it is advised to stick to the prescribedor recommended dosage when it comes to cortisol supplements. There are somedoctors who do not even recommend the use of cortisol blockers because theyclaim that many of them do not block the production of this hormone. However, itis important to know that even if it is efficient in weight reduction, it doesnot mean that people should give up on exercising or healthy dieting. Also, asfor the reduction of stress, even though the body needs this hormone to respondto stress normally, it is highly recommended not to rely on cortisol blockers for thispurpose, because it is much better to turn to meditation or some other way ofgetting rid of the stress.

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