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Risksand Consequences

Whenit comes to possible consequences of the lack or lowered cortisol levels, oneshould be aware that these can be pretty damaging and perilous. As far ascortisol origin is concerned, it is a corticosteroid hormone that is secretedby the adrenal cortex. This particular hormone is produced in a body by naturalmeans. But in those stressful moments, as well as when the glucocorticoidslevel decreases, the body deals with this change by secreting the hormone inquestion. What this secretion also leads to is the production of anotherspecific hormone, originating in the pituitary gland more officially knownas the Adrenal Corticotrophic Hormone. The hormone in question is mostlyresponsible for providing assistance to protein, carbohydrate and fatmetabolism, as well as for enhancing the blood sugar levels and sugar storagesituated in the liver in the form of a glycogen, and in addition, it is responsible for suppressingthe immune system and helping in lymphocytes regulation processes.

MostFrequently Occurring Manifestations

Inorder for the manifestations of this particular condition to start occurring, ittakes some time, and it takes place in a fairly gradual manner. Also, what needsto be emphasized is the fact that any of the manifestations, accompanying thiscondition, may be directly related to more than one condition, or a diseaseand illness. Among those most frequent ones are the following – pain in themuscle region followed by weakness, pain in joints, appetite loss and weightloss, salt craves, excessive fatigue, lowered blood sugar and blood pressure,sensitivity and irritability, unpredictable mood changes and depression. All ofthe above mentioned manifestations are not all ever present, but depend mostly onthe person in question. Certain people might also experience scalp region pain,clumsiness, perplexity, body pains, as well as pain in stomach, and the lowerpart of the back. When women are in question, a tale sign of this condition is a lack of menstruation in those women who are in that age when giving birthto a baby is still possible and not dangerous.

LowCortisol Levels - Most Common Culprits

The condition known as theadrenal insufficiency is considered to be the most frequently occurring culprit, but among other causes there also lie such as a hemorrhage,improper functioning of the hypothalamus, as well as increased levels of ACTHthat occurs due to the removal of both adrenal gland.


Oneof the most frequently employed techniques is the Hormone ReplacementTherapy. This technique should be complementedby proper rest, taking in of biggerquantities of grapefruit, sodium and potassium.

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