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Lowering triglycerides fast

Causes of high levels of triglycerides

The main reason why high levels of triglycerides are dangerous for a human health lies in the fact that they are associated with a number of heart diseases and disorders, as well as with stroke. When it comes to causes of these changes, they can be various, and a number of hereditary and environmental factors might contribute as well. Unhealthy life habits such as physical inactivity, smoking, excessive consummation of alcohol, irregular meals and sizes or meals, overeating, are some of the most frequent culprits for high levels of cholesterol, while among the diseases that can cause it are also hypertension, hypothyroidism, liver disease, kidney disease, polycystic ovary syndrome and others. Even though many people are unaware of that, some medications might also be culprits for the occurrence of this health issue.

Useful tips for fast lowering of triglycerides

The fact is that, even though it might not seem so, it is not at all difficult to lower the levels of triglycerides; all it takes is to introduce some changes in the diet and moderate physical activity. In this case, the changes in the diet basically consist of increased intake of foods rich in fiber and limited intake of foods that contain high levels of sugar and fat. For this reason, some of the things that should be done are the following:

  1. Reduce the intake of sugar, since even simple carbohydrates affect the levels of triglycerides in a negative way. This also refers to sweetened foods such as ice creams, pies, cakes and other desserts.
  2. Increase foods rich in fiber because they affect the levels of triglycerides in a positive way, which means that they lower these levels naturally. For this reason, cereals, whole grains and green leafy vegetables should become an important part of the diet.
  3. Avoid alcohol, since alcoholic beverages are also high in sugar, which affects the levels of triglycerides. People who drink alcohol excessively will significantly improve the levels of triglycerides if they simply eliminate alcohol, at least for some time.

Regarding the changes that refer to the lifestyle, only a few things should be changed:

  • People who do not exercise should change this and begin exercising since it helps in the process of burning calories, which further prevents the accumulation of fat and thus triglycerides as well.
  • People who are overweight should lose extra pounds but in a natural and healthy way, even if it might take some time. Once they obtain the healthy weight, they need to maintain it, and the same goes for people who did not have problems with extra pounds.
  • People who smoke should quit it, because this bad habit might affect in a negative way the conditions that are caused by high level of triglycerides, particularly those that are related to the heart.

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