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A proper diagnosis is very important for every treatment. Headaches can also come in different forms, so there have to be several different effective treatments at disposal. This is why there are so many patients who are complaining about the medications which aren't giving any results. In the following text, we will discuss on the causes of the headaches and the treatments which will produce results.

One of the causes for discomfort is the cluster headache. This headache generally occurs in groups or cycles. The patients who suffer from this kind of a headache, usually experience acute pain very suddenly. When a person gets a migraine, he or she should lie down. But this cannot be used for a cluster headache. Patients have problems and cannot relax and calm down. Nasal congestion, runny nose and the watery eyes are usually experienced along with the aching side of the head. The cause of this headache is unknown, and unfortunately so is the cure. Taking verapamil or lithium can relieve some pain. Some neurological troubles can cause migraine. Sometimes a person experiences five headaches in 72 hours, featuring pain on one side, serious pain and throbbing pain. The same person might also experience retching and/or vomiting, and light and sound sensitivity within these 72 hours. In some cases, patients will see a certain visual aura just before the pain attack. Some state that hand numbness also occurs. Serious cases will need medical attention, while benign migraines can be treated with drugs like naproxen or ibuprofen.

The most widespread kind of a headache is the tension headache. Patients will suffer from a continuous emotion of a pressure in the back of the neck and head area. This pain isn't grave, so patients can resume every day routine. Tension headache is considered to be caused by the neck and scalp muscle contractions. No retching or nausea is present. Medications will successfully remove the symptoms. Some medicines which can be used are acetaminophen, Aspirin and ibuprofen. If you overmedicate with painkillers, a rebound headache will occur. When this happens, you need to reduce the intake of drugs such as ibuprofen, Aspirin or acetaminophen.

The last type of headache problems we will mention is the sinus headache. Common way of the development of sinus headache is by an infection causing sinus inflammation. Doctor can detect the condition with fiber optic scope, but to make sure, he will probably use CT scan and MRI. This headache does not produce fever. To remove this discomforting pain, antihistamines, decongestants, or antibiotics can be consumed.

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