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Overbite is a condition which features with vertical overlap of the maxillary central incisors over the mandible central incisors. In this condition the upper jaw, teeth in the upper jaw or in some cases both are placed forwardly. The result is excessive space between the upper and lower front teeth when the mouth is closed an upper and lower jaw are in contact. This condition is basically aesthetic problem while in some patients it interferes in maintaining proper oral hygiene and dental health. It can also lead to mouth breathing which consequently results in increased susceptibility to respiratory illnesses.

This is a common problem and affects many people. Luckily there are several treatment modalities which are highly successful and provide with desirable results.

What are Types of Overbite

There are two types of overbite - skeletal overbite and dental overbite. In skeletal overbite the problem is entirely related to the bone. Namely, the upper jaw called the maxilla protrudes and is very forwardly placed. This type of overbite can be only treated surgically. On the other hand, dental overbite, as the name suggests, refers to protrusion of only teeth of the upper jaw. This problem can be successfully treated with orthodontic braces.

Overbite Correction

Overbite correction can be achieved either with braces of surgically.Correction with BracesThis treatment modality is highly suitable for purely dental overbite. This type of overbite is basically treated orthodontically. Orthodontic treatment assists in correction of dental overbites and dental malocclusions. The goal of the treatment is to bring the affected teeth into a desirable position. This can be only achieved if there is enough space to pull back the upper front teeth. In case the protrusion of the upper front teeth is a consequence of teeth crowding some of the upper teeth need to be extracted. This provides with sufficient space for upper front teeth correction. A variety of dental braces is applied in order to correct dental overbite and the dentist suggests the most suitable one.Jaw Surgery for OverbiteJaw surgery is required in case overbite is purely skeletal. The upper jaw bone must be surgically treated and only this way the overbite can be successfully eliminated. The surgery includes either reposition of the maxilla (the upper jaw bone) or pulling of the maxilla and bringing it forward in case it is very retruded. Even a combination of these two procedures is possible. Before deciding which surgical approach is going to be applied the patient undergoes a detailed study including various diagnostic X-rays which assist in visualization of the relative position of both, the upper and the lower jaw bone.

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