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Invitro fertilization is more expensive in the United States of America than anywhere else in the world. Few people who need IVF to have a baby have insurance policies that would cover even part of the cost, and many are coming to the conclusion that there is no way they can afford IVF... unless they travel abroad for it?

"IVF abroad" that's a popular google search, and one that will immediately direct you toward fertility clinics in Turkey, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, and cheap fertility clinic directory lists... Clinics in Russia, India, and the Ukraine are also very popular among fertility tourists, and Americans often consider Mexico too. The appeal of IVF clinics in other countries is purely financial for many. Those who are looking into foreign fertility clinics may be amazed at the price difference compared to clinics in their own countries.

What's more, fertility clinics in countries such as Russia and India will offer treatment without any waiting lists, and often offer donor eggs immediately and at a relatively low cost to those who need them. But how do you go about finding a reputable fertility clinic in other countries, what other country do you choose?

Determining the price range of IVF cycles is not so difficult, and this is a good place to start don't, of course, forget to check the price of plane tickets as well. Next up, those who are considering fertility tourism should contact the ministry of health, medical board, or equivalent organization and ask for a list of licensed IVF clinics. The process of finding a reputable clinic will be easier for you if you have friends or relatives in the country you are looking into, but it will be possible to get most information you need even without that. In order to get a better feel for the level of expertise offered, it pays off to take a critical look at the country's overall quality of healthcare.

Once you have made contact with a clinic, ask thorough questions about the education of your healthcare team. Look at their medical licenses. And don't assume that they're real or current; check with the relevant authority. This goes for private physicians in any country of course. I'm not saying terrible doctors only practice "abroad" (whatever that means for you), only that it may be more difficult to catch cowboys out in a country you don't live in and know nothing about.

One appealing thing to do is to google the name of a clinic and look for reviews. Beware that reviews you come across are often actually hidden adverts, placed on the internet by the clinics themselves. I have seen the same thing occur on public forums on the web too. One needs more than a little common sense to find a good IVF clinic in a country one is not familiar with.

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