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Are you looking into becoming parents via surrogacy? If you have a medical condition that makes you unable to get pregnant or carry a pregnancy to term, do not have a uterus, or are part of a gay couple, surrogacy might well be on your radar as a viable road to parenthood. But despite many developed countries' regulations against commercial surrogacy, it might still be extremely expensive for a surrogate mother to carry your baby. In India, surrogate mothers and high quality fertility clinics are available at a much lower cost, and often less bureaucracy involved in the process. Are you interested in surrogacy in India?

Some sources estimate the total cost of an Indian gestational surrogate and the IVF treatment needed to be between $2,500 and $6,500, though additional fees will be required if you need to make use of an egg donor in addition to a gestational surrogate. One blog written by a couple who become parents after using an Indian fertility clinic, egg donor, and surrogate mother made the process out to be rather easy. They describe how there were a few "mess ups" with potential surrogate mothers, and how they ended up using what they call a back-up surrogate in the end. But there was no mention of administrative troubles, or problems bringing their son back to the United States. Here are a few things to consider if you are seriously looking in to becoming parents through Indian surrogacy, and some pointers for questions to find the answers to.

What are the ethical implications of surrogacy tourism? What are the surrogate mothers' motivations? Out of your total cost, what percentage will go to the woman who will carry your child? What is the procedure for getting your future child a birth certificate, and the citizenship of your country? What are surrogacy costs in the US, or wherever you are living? How does that compare to Indian surrogacy? Include the costs for your stay and flights, and legal costs (you might need a lawyer) as well, and see how it adds up. In the UK, if you pay your international surrogate a commercial fee, you can lose the rights to your child. Look into the administrative side of surrogacy in advance, please! How does India compare to other "surrogate tourism" countries on all these counts?

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