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A veterinary assistant
A veterinary assistant is a person who helps the veterinarian attend to domestic animals and take care of them. Their duties are pretty basic and not too demanding whatsoever, and they include things like bathing the animals, feeding them and giving them medications that the veterinarian prescribes and sometimes even some office skills, when dealing with animal records and other documents is required.

What does it take to become a veterinary assistant?

The first thing that a veterinary assistant needs to have is love for the animals and good people skills. Furthermore, veterinary assistants have got to possess sufficient knowledge when it comes to nursing the animals and they also need to be able to properly sterilize their cages and the utensils used to perform procedures on them. As for the procedures themselves, a basic level of competence is, in fact, expected.

What are the employment options of veterinary assistants?

When it comes to their employment options, they are, indeed, numerous. They can work in private clinics, animal hospitals or shelters, research labs or even pet stores. The need for a veterinary assistant is growing surprisingly fast and finding a job in the area is now not difficult at all.

What kind of skills does one acquire while training to become a veterinary assistant?

What training for a veterinary assistant essentially does is enable one to adapt in that particular kind of environment. Future veterinary assistants are learning the terminology so that they are able to grasp everything that is going on in the workplace and keep track of it. That is important for various reasons.

One of them is the fact that part of a veterinary assistant’s job is dealing with animals’ records and their previous history concerning their health and making sure they are in order. Another reason is the fact that the veterinary assistant is often in a position where he or she needs to communicate to the pet owner and explain what the issue is, as well as the further course of action.

Also, recognizing the symptoms that the animals manifest and understanding their conditions helps to provide them with the best care possible. Aside from that, a veterinary assistant is required to learn fundamental lab work and simple surgical procedures, as well as the basic post-surgical care.

All these skills make a veterinary assistant a vital part of any environment dealing with animal care and their work is very much appreciated. They have a big part in maintaining the workplace and everyone in it as safe as possible, not only in the physical sense, but also in the sense that they make sure everything that’s being done is authorized by the law, but also that certain principles are followed.

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