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Beep test is the popular name for the fitness test which consists of a few series and it is used in order to check the endurance, power and agility of an individual. It is not one of the everyday trainings, but it is used for deciding which candidates are capable for certain admissions (such as military or police).

Most commonly, the test is divided into the periods of time (which are marked by the beeps, or by any other sound), that are at first longer, and as the time passes, shorter. During those periods (and there are often 21 of them), the tested sportsman must run the track of the same length over and over again, and it is usually twenty meters long. How to prepare for such a test?

First of all, one must determine whether he or she could bear such a physical and psychological test. That is, an individual must be very focused and self-confident, maximally concentrated, he or she must rationally manipulate with his or her own ability to reduce or increase the tempo when running, and, of course to be in the top form.

The best preparation is the similar type of the training, and that is the aerobic or cardiac training. Besides that, one should focus completely on achieving the goal and set all the powers into the motion, that is, of both, the mental and the physical nature. That plan also includes leading a healthy lifestyle, drinking enough fluids and eating a lot of beneficial nutrients, but it is especially recommendable to increase the intake of the proteins and the good carbohydrates. Other than that, the proper warm-up before, and the stretching exercises after the training are compulsory.

But, maybe the most important advice is to focus on the proper way of turning, to be as fastest as possible, in order to achieve the best effect. That is, the turn must be done with only one foot that lands on the border of the track; and the spin itself should be more explosive. Also, the hips must be a little bit lowered and the shoulders in the normal position, because right away the sprint must start again and the first steps must be the most powerful. That way less time and less energy would be spent on the turns and more energy would be focused on the running process itself.

Related to that, balancing the tempo is also the smart method for saving the power.

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