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There are a large number of people who suffer from back pain. There are also a large number of treatments available for the painful sensations in the back. There are traditional treatments and there are those who are still considered only as complementary or alternative. It is impossible to find any form of quick fix for any case of back pain problems. One may need to try out several different methods of treatment before finding the most appropriate one.

Traditional Treatments

The most traditional method for the treatment of back pain is orthopedic care. Orthopedic specialists always perform an evaluation which never involves the entire body, it only includes the affected areas. Orthopedic specialists usually prescribe certain methods of treatment and cortisone shots are among the most frequently used ones. Cortisone is actually a catabolic type of steroid which is very efficient in killing off the tissues in the inflamed area and reducing the inflammatory conditions. The injections themselves tend to be rather painful and they only provide a temporary relief which does not last longer than two weeks. Orthopedic specialists also tend to prescribe various different sorts of anti inflammatory drugs which usually provide only minor pain relief, and they may also be associated with certain unwanted side effects in some cases. This is why they should be avoided as much as possible. Back surgery is another option which is actually pretty much common, but contrary to the popular belief it does not always provide the sufferer with pain relief. Back surgery can actually cause certain other problems to occur. Herniated discs are commonly the main reason why people undergo a back surgery. The logic behind such surgical interventions is not that beneficial and in time it usually causes even more damage than good. Physical therapy is commonly the logical next step which occurs after visiting an orthopedic specialist. An evaluation at the beginning of the therapy is necessary so that the doctor may provide the patient with proper diagnosis and prescriptions. Chiropractic care is another common type of treatment for all those who suffer from back pain.

Alternative Treatments

Massage therapy is one of the most common types of alternative treatment for back pain, and in most cases it is more than efficient. Another potent alternative type of treatment is post rehabilitation fitness training. Perhaps the best option is known as the manual physical therapy. It is much more thorough than the other methods.

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