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Millions of women are sufferers of chronic condition called endometriosis it causes pain in the pelvic area, especially during the menstrual and pre-menstrual cycles, irregular periods, constant fatigue, problems with ovulation, pain in the lower back, pain during sexual intercourse and finally problems when trying to conceive a baby. Endometriosis develops when the endometrial tissues that are normally found lining the uterus grow elsewhere in the body from uterus it can expand to the pelvic area, intestines, ovaries or even the lungs. Of course the pain depends on the location of the endometrial deposits and the severity of the condition.

Women can develop endometriosis anytime in her life, but the recent studies have shown that more and more young women are developing the condition, and I would blame that on nutrition and not eating enough omega-3 fatty acids, especially oily fish. Bellow you will find 4 most common techniques (besides the pain killers which are not recommendable on the long run) that women practice in order to deal with endometriosis pain.

First thing you should do is reconsider your diet. If your menu is packed with unhealthy, processed and fatty foods, you should change your diet because these foods cause imbalance in your system. Also, avoid eating foods full of estrogen (all meat grown on hormones basically all non-organic meat), soy, etc. because estrogen makes woman swell. Try to include more high-fiber foods because they minimize the level of estrogen in the body. Additionally, vitamin B helps process estrogen by maintaining a healthy liver, and magnesium provides your immune system with a boost.

Next thing you could try is massage: regular massage therapies can also help in easing the pain and discomfort. Massage is good not only for endometriosis, but is generally a great pain-relieve method. Some suggest that as an alternative to a regular massage one can apply warm castor oil pack on critical areas like the lower part of the abdomen for 30 60 minutes a day.

Another option would be using natural progesterone, because it can reduce endometriosis symptoms because it balances the levels of estrogen in the body. Natural progesterone can come in suppository form, or if you don t feel comfortable with that method of application you can get a cream version that you massage onto your skin. Of course, before applying this method do have a conversation with your health provider and check what his opinion on that is.

And one of my most popular methods is acupuncture. When acupuncture is applied adenosine is released which is a natural pain-relieving molecule. Acupuncture is known to alleviate endometriosis pain and discomfort, therefore if you suffer from endometriosis-related problems, you should give it a try.

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