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Clomid is a popular fertility drug that is prescribed to stimulate ovulation. This drug can help women who do not naturally ovulate, or women with a variety of other fertility problems. If you have been prescribed this drug and are about to start taking this drug, you probably have read something about the side effects of Clomid. It is completely understandable to be a bit worried, and to wonder what you will really feel like on Clomid. Most patients who just start out on the most popular fertility drug on the market today will be initially given a dose of 50 mg. The dose is usually upped only if the lower dose is not working. It is possible to notice some side effects after you start on Clomid, and even likely.

But there are also women who take Clomid without ever having any unpleasant side effects, and in any case you are probably not going to experience every side effect in the book. Let's take a look at some of the more common side effects that women who use Clomid can encounter. Nausea, hot flashes, tender breasts and mood swings on Clomid are the most common side effects. As far as fertility drugs go, the side effects are pretty mild actually. It might be best to go into taking Clomid with an open mind. Thinking you are not going to have any side effects is unrealistic, but being sure you will have them can be equally unrealistic. Two things are for sure, though. First, any side effects you get will go away as soon as you come off Clomid. Secondly, around 80 percent of women will have ovulation successfully stimulated on Clomid, almost half of them will get pregnant within six months. Those are without a doubt some very encouraging figures!

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