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Chroniccough and shortness of breath sound like a combination of the symptoms which couldpotentially signify a serious underlying cause. However, while this may betrue, and these symptoms can, in fact, relate to lung diseases and air tractissues, there are also issues which are not considered to be very serious thatmay be causing these symptoms as well. That’s why it’s always important toidentify the cause in order to take the right course of action.

Asthma asthe cause of chronic cough and shortness of breath

Asthma is avery common condition in which the chronic inflammation of the bronchial tubescauses them to swell and narrow the airways. Asthma is also the likeliestreason for the combination of a persistent cough and difficulty breathingproperly. With the airways that are sensitive to that effect, the cough is aninevitable chronic symptom of asthma, and as soon as the swelling starts takingplace, difficulty while breathing is bound to occur. Another way to recognizethe cough of an asthmatic is if it is followed by the sound which kind of resemblesa swift wind.

Post nasaldrip as the cause of chronic cough and shortness of breath

Sometimesthe mucus accumulates in the back of the nose and throat and one experiencessensations as though the mucus is descending from the back of the nose. This occurrenceis always triggered by some kind of allergy, cold or a sinus-related issue. Itis very unpleasant and its symptoms include inflammation, running nose and avery persistent, chronic cough. All these symptoms, and particularly therunning nose which disables the breathing tubes, make it increasingly difficultto breathe properly as well.

Bronchitisas the cause of chronic cough and shortness of breath

Simply put,bronchitis is the inflammation of the bronchi, the air tubes that transport theair to the lungs. Once the condition is described in such way, it becomespretty apparent how the symptoms in question are connected to it. Here is alsowhere the wind-like sound which was related to asthma reaches its culminationdue to the insufficient air that reaches the lungs. Finally, due to theobstruction in the airways, the body fluids start building up as well.

Respiratorytract infection as the cause of chronic cough and shortness of breath

Coughingand shortness of breath are both included among the common symptoms of any kindof infection of the respiratory tract. But even when the infection goes away,sometimes the cough lingers for a while, and the only way to describe it is aschronic. The intensity of the remained cough is likely to issue breathingdifficulties as well.

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