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Thrush is annoying condition caused by candida albicans. This fungus can present in the mouth, on the nipples, and in the vagina. It leads to itchy and sometimes painful discharge. Vaginal thrush is almost always accompanied by thin, white cervical mucus, itchy labia, and sometimes a burning sensation. Thrush is quite a common problem in pregnancy. That is because the vagina becomes populated by higher levels of a certain type of glucose, glycogen, and when glycogen outnumbers the normal and healthy vaginal bacteria, thrush can occur.

Now you know what causes thrush, and why you are more likely to encounter it while you are pregnant. But what can you do to prevent thrush, and how do you treat it once you already have this condition? Taking a probiotic supplement, or using probiotic yoghurt, helps you keep up the levels of "good bacteria", which you need for a healthy vaginal environment. Both of these are proactive steps that help prevent thrush. You can also decrease the odds of getting thrush by avoiding the things that help the "bad bacteria" thrive examples of the products that are best avoided or at least used in small quantities are synthetic vitamins, many medications, chlorine, fluoride, and the birth control pill. Not that you would be using that in pregnancy, but you get the point.

Stress can also increase your chances of developing thrush. None of that helps if you already have thrush, though! If you have thrush while expecting a baby, cutting sugar and yeast out of your diet should be your first step, as both of these are common triggers. You should not wear underwear that is tight-fitting or made out of synthetic materials, and hot baths are also a bad idea. Probiotic yoghurt can help cure thrush if you drink it in large quantities, but pouring it directly onto your vagina can help you get some relief from the constant itching as well! This might sound weird and a bit disgusting, but it does work. While we're already discussing unusual treatments, some women swear by rubbing garlic onto their labia. Tea tree oil can help eliminate thrush in the mouth, on the nipples, or in the vagina too.

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