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Thrush in the babies

No one is spared of being affected by a thrush infection, but most of the affected people are babies and elderly people. Thrush often occurs in infants in the first few months of their life and in the majority of cases, it is often caused by fungus Candida. It is located in the body of all of us. If thrush appears in babies, a rapid healing is necessary. However, thrush can spread from the mouth to the body of a baby and thus cause a rash on the baby's body. Furthermore, the baby can get sore mouth also. Thrush, in this case, is easily transferred to the body of the baby over the pillows. It is also possible to transmit the thrush from the baby to the mother, but it can be spread to the nipples and then it may affect milk channel and damage it.

Home treatment for the thrush in the babies

If a thrush is noticed in the baby, it is the best to take the baby to a doctor. However, if the fungus does not spread, in that case, certain home remedies may be applied. Gentian violet is an herb that can be very effective in healing thrush in babies. It is recommended to rinse the mouth of the baby with the tea of this herb. Gentian violet can be found in pharmacies. Cotton handkerchief should be soaked with this tea and then the baby’s lips should be cleaned and moistured. The easiest way is to have someone to hold the baby while moisturizing her lips. This remedy should be best applied once or twice a day.

Sodium bicarbonate may also serve to rinse the mouth of the baby and the procedure is the same as with Gentian violet. It could be applied many times during a day, especially after breastfeeding. Fresh lingon berry jam can also be used in rinsing the mouth of the babies that suffer from thrush. However, it has a strong flavor and may be difficult for the baby. That's because they have not tasted yet anything other than mother's milk. In order to prevent reinfection, it is best to wash toys, pacifiers and breast pumps by sterilizing them in boiling water for at least five minutes. The best effect is achieved if the sterilization is performed after each use. It is recommended to consume lactobacillus acidophilus. These good bacteria are in yogurt, and they are successful in preventing and treated against yeast. If breastfeeding begins to hurt, it is necessary to contact the doctor, because it is possible that the fungus has spread from the baby to the mother.

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