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Thigh cramps causes

Almost every human being has suffered from muscle cramps at least once in his or her life. A muscle cramp occurs when the muscle is exposed to quite long unconditioned activity or tightening. At that point, the muscle feels either a spasm or a tightening over which it has no control. When a muscle cramp happens to a person he or she will not have the control over it. However, a person can perform some easy stretching exercises in order to ease the pain and return the muscle in its proper place. The back, arms and legs are the parts of the body where muscle cramps strike most often but this inconvenience can happen in other places as well. Usually there is no warning sign. A person just feels sudden and sharp pain and discomfort. Pregnant women, overweight people and elderly people experience muscle cramps in thighs more than other people.

Researches have shown that there are a couple of causes of muscle cramps in thighs.

Circulatory problemsStudies have proved that circulatory problems may cause cramps of the thighs. When the leg muscles do not get enough blood the arteries tend to block and that may lead to leg cramps. There is another circulatory problem which can cause cramps in the legs and that is peripheral arterial disease.

DehydrationDehydration may be the cause of thigh muscle cramps as well, according to studies. Pregnant women, elderly people and even very young people have more chance of getting thigh cramps because of dehydration, especially during and after tough or really long physical activities.

Medical conditionsDiabetes, an underactive thyroid and kidney failure can cause the cramps of the thigh muscles. Pregnancy and alcoholism can be the cause as well.

MedicationsThere are some types of medications that can cause cramps. Diuretics and birth control pills are only some of them.

OveruseOveruse is probably what causes most thigh cramps. Such exercises like leg presses and squats are responsible for this inconvenience.

StrainsIf a person does not stretch before exercising or simply has a bad posture, that may be the cause of muscle cramps due to muscle strains.

Thigh cramps prevention

The first thing a person can do to prevent muscle cramps is to drink a lot of water. A person needs to remember that it is important to warm up and stretch before doing some exercises. Right posture is important as well especially while sitting and sleeping.

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