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The following lines will talk about the surfing and itspopularity. Since the 1960s surfing has been steadily gaining popularity,especially due to the popularity of the movies such as "Beach BlanketBingo" and "Gidget". At the beginning, surf was only a localsport and it wasn't popular worldwide. It was only reserved for those who livednext to the beach. Surfing was reserved for any age because basically no equipmentis needed, apart from the surfboard. Men were into this sport at the beginning while women, mostly young girls, started to surf more and more. This"Sport of Kings" saw very little women during the period from the1960s to the 1980s. But today, this picture has changed significantly and youcan see surfers of any age and sex on the beaches of the world. Some men arestill a bit insecure when surfing with woman is in question, so some avoid doingthis. Women can now buy surfboards and clothing specifically designed forsurfing.

Trixie and Clothing Surfboards

In the 1960s there weren’t so many surfing accessories available as today, likerash guards, leashes and wetsuits. Surfing was hard job in the beginning, sincewetsuits were not available in those times so surfers indulged in their favorite sport bear skinned. Sometimes they couldn't surf due to freezing water but now the surfers can go in water regardless of the temperature and during the whole yeardue to the presence of wetsuits. Wetsuit is very tight to the skin and madeof neoprene rubber. It is based on a very simple principle of warm water layer,which is a layer of water trapped and then warmed by the skin. This layer stayshere while you surf and keeps the body warm. Every extremity can be kept warmby the booties, gloves and hoods made from the neoprene. Surfers were lucky towelcome the leash, which is a rubber connection between the ankle of a surferand the fin area. This prevents the loss of a board and keeps it by your sideat all times. Lycra material was used for the production of rash guard shirts, which dry off fast and are used in the water. They will not impair the surfer'sperformance since they are very light. If you lie on the paddle or wearwetsuits, there is a chance of rash developing, and this can be prevented withrash guards. Also, it provides the SPF protection of 150 so it is great UVprotection. These products have made alot of positive points for the surfing and made it very popular worldwide.

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