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Obsessive-Compulsive DisorderCharacteristics

As most of us have already heard,people with OCD are obsessed with certain things. This is usuallytidiness and cleanliness, reorganizingitems around the house and doing many other, similar activities. OCD alsomakes people feed their obsessions compulsively. Namely, people whosuffer from OCD can do little to stop what they are doing, eventhough, in many cases, they are completely aware that it is wrong andthat they have a problem. Rather, unless they indulge into theirobsessions, they face side-effects like panic attacks,hyperventilation, increased anxiety etc.

All in all, this is a very complexdisorder which affects every person differently. Therefore, uponvisiting a psychotherapist, he/she must organize his/her approach toan individual with OCD so that the best possible effect is achieved.Many visits and sessions are necessary for one to stop suffering fromOCD.

Psychotherapy Sessions withObsessive-Compulsive People

Let us imagine that a person with OCD comes to a psychotherapy session. There, he/she would first takecare of all the “imbalances” by matching all the pencils on thetable and putting them in order, rearranging furniture etc. This is due to the fact that these people areobsessed with order or something else and, as soon as theirrequirements are not met, they act on impulse, become anxious, even abit of angry and deal with all the factors which trigger this kindof feelings within them.

People with OCD are likely to insist ondoing the same thing on a same day, every week. They have a tightschedule of doing nothing constructive. Yet, they need to do it.Therefore, they cannot change their routines and habits for any otherday, since this would mean disrupting their schedule.

Additionally, they do not trust otherpeople enough to let them help with their chores or work ingeneral. Rather, they believe that, if they want the work to be done,they have to do it on their own. This can be related to their worksince they are likely to do other people's work since they do notconsider it to be done well enough.

All in all OCD can seriously interferewith one's life and treatment needs to be successful as soon aspossible. Being obsessed with many things that would interfere with daily activities is definitely something that would create many difficulties to everyone. Thus, peoplewith OCD need to be treated through psychotherapy, where they canopen themselves, realize that what they do is making their lives complicated and do their bestto change their ways.

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