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Compulsive lying disorder is a psychological type of problem, and persons who suffer from this condition are simply addicted to lying, and in most cases they constantly lie without even realizing that. This problem can be very dangerous, as it is sometimes quite impossible to cure the person, due to the peculiar nature of the actual medical condition.

Compulsive Lying Disorder and Pathological Lying

Some people tend to confuse compulsive lying disorder with pathological lying but those are actually not the same. Pathological liars lie to people when they feel that their lies will help them gain something, while those who suffer from the compulsive lying disorder lie naturally so they do not even realize that they are lying and are also not aware of the fact that they are constantly doing something which is not normal. Also these people do not feel and remorse, regret or guilt because of their lying. Every person tells a lie here and there, but in most cases normal persons feel regret and guilt because of their lies.

Compulsive Lying Disorder Causes

One of the main causes of compulsive lying disorder is fear. Once a person realizes that lies can save him or her from some type of punishment, he or she will continue lying to the point where it becomes a habit. Another reason why a person may become a compulsive liar is low self esteem. Due to this, persons often make up stories about themselves which are supposed to make them appear much better in front of other persons. This type of lying usually jeopardizes relationships with other people so this is why compulsive liars need to get treated as soon as possible.

Compulsive Lying Disorder Symptoms

Compulsive lying disorder may often be connected with bipolar disorder, which is characterized by extreme mood swings. Bouts of depression are usually followed by maniacal behavior. Bipolar disorder involves impulsive desires, so often compulsive lying may occur as well. Children often tend to lie because of their fear of punishment. Various different types of social behavior disorders may be connected to compulsive lying. All compulsive liars cannot face the truth. Narcissistic persons are also often associated with compulsive lying. The same goes for manipulative people and those who are addicted to drugs, gambling and alcohol. A person needs to undergo various physiological tests and a lie detector test or a polygraph.

Compulsive Liar Treatment

One needs to accept the fact that he or she is a compulsive liar. Various types of treatment include medications, counseling sessions and psychotherapy.

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