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Pregnancy diarrhea can be unpleasant, embarrassing, and time consuming. While this condition is mostly harmless, though not all that common, there is no doubt about the fact that it is something you would rather not have. It is important to alert your doctor or your midwife if you have bouts of diarrhea that last for longer than two days. But even if your diarrhea only last for a short time, you will probably want to cure it. The question is how? What are the cures for diarrhea in pregnancy?

Believe it or not, diarrhea is a highly individual occurrence. Loose stools are caused by foods in the majority of cases, but the foods that cause diarrhea for one person will not for another. The first trick to curing your pregnancy diarrhea is finding out what your individual triggers are, and then avoiding those foods. As a rule, foods that are rich in fibers help prevent diarrhea. Things like plum juice, which are known as natural laxatives, are a good place to start when it comes to avoiding foods.

There are tons of reasons why it is essential to take care that you get sufficient amounts of water in pregnancy, and diarrhea is another one of them. Drinking water seems like a somewhat weird and unlikely cure for pregnancy diarrhea, but medical sources confirm that staying hydrated properly is key to curing diarrhea. Not only does drinking lots of water help prevent diarrhea, it also makes sure that you don't lose too much water when diarrhea has already started.

Staying active and getting some exercise promotes a healthy digestive system. If you have either constipation or diarrhea, walking around as much as you can, or going for a swim, is an easy thing to do that can get rid of your diarrhea. But remember to take diarrhea seriously, and to keep an eye on the situation. If you have very heavy diarrhea, or it just will not go away, it is time to phone your healthcare provider.

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