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How can we live our lives to the fullest? Why are we always so nervous and stressed, up to the point when we become easily agitated and irritated? It can be said that the modern world is guilty for this, but is that really so? Maybe people are simply allowing these changes to happen because they think they are not strong enough to fight them off, or they are simply looking for an excuse for some failures in life.

OptionsWhatever the case, the result is not a pretty one - a person who is filled with rage, nervousness, stress, usually with increased weight because of complete physical inactivity and also damaged health because of junk food, overeating, disrupted sleeping process, etc. So, what can be done? One possibility is channeling energies and the ego through yoga. What is yoga? Basically, it can be anything that a person wants it to be, a relaxing physical activity or a sort of meditation for reaching the inner peace. Or something in between.

People have to realize that there is a strong connection between the body and the mind, between the muscles and the brain. The simplest bond is in the fact that we will have increased self-confidence if we do not have extra weight, even more if the body is filled with strong muscles. But some will say that this is also pointless because muscles will reduce at one point in life and that attractive body will be gone for good. What is actually needed is a healthy body, a vessel that will guide us safely through the waters of old age, without any big storm coming from horizon.

A way out

This is what yoga is good for. Exercising it offers is easily done by old people too, and it brings elasticity and flexibility into the lives of all practitioners. It also restores the energy channels in the organism, freeing the vital points form negative energy. Even Western people, who are not used to yoga and other forms of eastern exercising and meditation, use the phrase negative energy. At the end of the day, they say how they are filled with negative energy and that they need to get rid of it somehow.

So, they use gyms, partying, sexual activity, drinking, relaxing in front of TV, spending time with family and friends and other things to achieve that. So, why wouldn’t they use yoga too? Their bodies will become stronger with better immune response, capable of dealing with physical challenges. On the other hand, the mind will become more focused and capable of eliminating a lot of daily accumulated stress and that is the main point, right?

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