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Tender Stomach

The problems associated with stomach are maybe the most common ones there are, but usually they are minor and are eliminated quickly and efficiently. Butsometimes, the cause of the stomach problems and tenderness may be more serious.


Many things can lead to the inflammation of the intestine or the stomach lining.Stomach flu is the name for an inflammation of the intestine and acute stomachpain. The problem is that stomach flu is usually the cause for stomach tenderness and it is usually a consequence of viral or bacterialinfection. Infection called helicobacter pylori infection can also causestomach tenderness. This problem may be experienced due to the consumption ofwrong food, which will lead to the food poisoning and eventually to the stomach tenderness.Food preparation in unhygienic conditions and consumption of deteriorated food maylead to the food poisoning and tender stomach. Allergies associated with foodand intolerance to some food items may also create stomach tenderness. The acidreflux disease or heartburn is responsible for the stomach tenderness or painafter eating. A very serious problem is the abdominal aneurysm, which can createdrupture due to the widening of the arteries located in the stomach region.Acute appendicitis is a problem associated with the tenderness experienced inthe naval region. Tenderness in this area is common for pregnant women.

Symptoms and Treatment

The most common symptoms include irritation, sweating, fatigue, stomach cramps,appetite loss, diarrhea, enlargement of the lymph nodes located in theabdominal area, stomach pain, vomiting, and nausea.For the treatment to take place, the cause must be found. If the cause is moreserious, hospital must be visited. When visiting the hospital, the doctor will doseveral tests to find the cause. Drugs are given for problems caused by stomachflu, while surgery is needed for serious cases, such as acute appendicitis. Ifyou are having diarrhea, do not take sports drinks, since they can irritate thestomach. Drink lemon or ginger juice, which will help with the diarrhea.Remember to drink a lot of water also. After throwing up, do not eat forseveral hours. If you are hungry, take a dry toast or a cracker. During thenext three or four days, nothing but blend food should be eaten. Some turn backto the normal food as soon as the symptoms go away, but this is wrong and itcan cause the relapse of the problem. Remember that visiting a doctor is nevera bad idea. So if you are having some problem, consult a specialist who willfind the cause and conduct a proper treatment.

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