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IntroductionJaw pain relates to the pain that is affecting jawbone or jaw. Jaw pain is a problem that may occur regardless of sufferer’s age though incidence is higher in older people. It can induce difficulties with yawning, talking, chewing and more. If you experience jaw pain longer than two days and medication doesn’t relieve the pain it is recommended to talk to your dentist or physician to establish actual cause. This is a common condition but can be result of different factors.


Causes of jaw pain can be primary, which means that jaw is affected due to teeth, jaw muscles, or jaw ligaments problem. When jaw pain results from disorders somewhere else in the body, it is called secondary cause. Any jaw pain must be treated since it could have severe consequences.

Primary Causes

Temporomandibular joint disorder

This condition represents inflammation or injury of jaw joints. Jaw joints are located in front of ears where upper and lower jaw is connected. Joints are enclosed by muscles and ligaments. When jaw joints are injured it is followed by neck pain, headache, earache, etc. If jaw joints get dislocated, people can not fully open and close mouth which is accompanied with jaw pain.


This condition occurs when many teeth are pulled out and remaining ones don’t fit as they used to, which results in jaw pain.

Jaw arthritis

This is common in older people.

Dental causes

Tooth abscess and periodontal disease can result in jaw pain. Tetanus. This is rare disease due to vaccination but if untreated bacterial infection may occur. This infection can spread to jaw and mouth and cause pain because of the tightening.

Other causes

Grinding teeth is a nasty habit that can lead to jaw pain. Also, in tense situations people often have the habit of jaw clenching or biting nails which causes jaw muscles pain. Jaw and chin injuries are another cause of joint pain.

Secondary Causes

In this group conditions that are not directly connected to jaw are included. They can cause the pain or the jaw pain can be symptom of some other disorder. Jaw pain can be symptom of severe headaches and migraine since sufferers often grind their teeth in such situation. Sinusitis can be accompanied with jaw pain. Herpes zoster can be connected to jaw pain. Also, the pain can be a sign of oncoming cardiac arrest.

More sever causes of jaw pain include head and neck cancer, jaw tumor, broken jaw, jaw cyst, etc.

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