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Glucosamine is nutritional supplement used in humans andanimals. These days, it is one of the most used supplements in the UnitedStates, together with many vitamins and minerals supplements. It is oftenrecommended for patients suffering from joint problems, like osteoarthritis andjoint complications. Glucosamine supplements compensate lack of glucosamine inthe joints and provide protection for the joints. On the market, you can findmany different products containing just glucosamine and also combinedglucosamine and chondroitin sulfate.

This substance is produced in small quantities in the body,where it affects the cartilage. Glucosamine can repair damaged cartilage,produce new cartilage and also ease the discomfort and joint pain. It is founduseful in patients suffering from inflamed joints, since it decreases inflammationand protects the joints.

Using Glucosamine

Many people use these supplements and don’t have any adverseeffects. However, patients sometimes complained about certain problems relatedto the glucosamine. The most common side effects of glucosamine supplements includeheadaches, dizziness and in some cases skin problems and sleeping issues. Therewere also sporadic cases of different stomach problems, such as heartburn,stomachache, abdominal pains, and also constipation or diarrhea and gasses. Somepatients reported nausea and vomiting when using glucosamine.

Probably the most important and most serious adverse effectis potential risk of internal bleeding. That’s why people using anti-plateletor anti-clotting medication shouldn’t be using glucosamine. Patients with someother blood problems should also avoid using this supplement for the samereason. Glucosamine can interact with many medications and causeside effects. Chemotherapy drugs, acetaminophen and diabetic medications usedwith glucosamine might cause internal bleeding. Even though glucosamine has side effects and some of themmight look pretty serious, this supplement has never caused any lethalconsequences. To avoid glucosamineside effects always carefully follow the instruction and dosage given by yourdoctor.


People suffering from shellfish allergies mustn’t useglucosamine, since, it is made of shellfish tissue and may cause severe medicalproblems for them. Diabetic patients should also be very careful withglucosamine supplements. All glucosamine products are derived from glucose andmight worsen diabetes symptoms.

The same rule applies to the patients having: kidney-relatedproblems, asthma, prostate cancer or hypertension (high blood pressure) – all thesepatients shouldn’t use glucosamine. Avoid combining other supplements with glucosamine,especially if they contain garlic, ginkgo biloba, red clover or vitamin E. Glucosamine is not suitable for children, pregnant women or motherswho are breastfeeding.

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