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Xenophobia is considered to be the fear of foreigners or anyone who is unlike us. This term also refers to racism but that is a mistake. These who have real xenophobia do not hate people who are different as they are frightened by them and the hate they feel is caused by that fear. Xenophobia includes fear from people who come from different country, culture and even from those whose dressing code isdifferent.

We all have the motive to be members of some group and that is not just in human nature; it is even present in the animal world. We identify with the group that we belong to and that can be stimulating, but it can also be the reason for developing negative feelings regarding others who are not in that group. This process is in our nature, but it can become dangerous for others who are considered to be strangers and members of other groups. They may be seen as enemies even if there is no reasonable evidence for that. This was and still is the main reason for wars some criminal behaviors and maltreatments.

Xenophobia is not only striking the person who has it, but it can also lead to unwanted consequences regarding other people who are seen by sufferer asdifferent.

Living with Xenophobia

Many individuals live with xenophobia without showing violence towards people who are different. They respect the law and behave in social acceptable way, although they feel discomfort when among "Asians," "Jews" or "gays", for example. Even so it is not rare that xenophobic develops a closer relation with someone who is a member of a different group.

When people are xenophobic, that may affect their choice who they will be friends with who they will be dating and even who they will talk to. It is very depriving when living in a multicultural environment to avoid everyone who is not of the same race, religion or culture as you are.


However, there are certain ways that can help you to get rid of the fear that you are feeling towards others. You can start to travel and visit other countries, and that will help you to face and communicate with strangers. In that way you will see that they are not dangerous or so different from you and your fear will vanish. If that doesn’t help then there is always a therapy which can be long lasting but efficient. It will help you to deal with your fear and eventually to defeat it.

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