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What is the Gulf War Syndrome?

First of all, the fact that any war, or any bloodshed for any possible reasons is a heavily traumatic experience for both those fighting and those experiencing it, is something that goes without mentioning. People who experience wars, either by being soldiers or innocent civilians, bear marks hard to erase, let alone forget. Wars show the darkest destructive nature of human beings, and those who were able to take part in such actions often do not fully recover. It was absolutely the same with the veterans of the Persian Gulf War.

Those who survived this war started complaining about similar symptoms, regarding their health. Once the number continued increasing, the doctors realized the connection between those suffering and established a link. Namely, skin irritations, hair loss, severe headaches or pain in different parts of body, all were mutual symptoms the veterans had. Most of them had psychological traumas caused by shocks and unhealthy experiences they have endured. Memories and psyche of these people in general was altered and problematic since they came to a point where they could not remember things clearly. At first, these veterans were not taken into a more detailed consideration and were sent home with the diagnosis of stress, recommended to take rest and relax. However, once the number continued growing, the doctors realized that what is taking place may as well be called a mutual syndrome, thus naming and classifying it.

Further Causes and Manifestations of the Syndrome

In time, when all the veteran's troubles were taken into consideration, doctors realized that there is a large quantity of mutual conditions, although there was little possibility that all former soldiers would have all of them.

What stood behind some cases of fevers and the fatigue troubling the tormented veterans was the peculiar parasite native for the Persian Gulf, infecting their bones and bone marrow. They got infected by being bitten by a specific sand fly native to the area. Although this was the case for some, a significantly larger quantity of ex soldiers were negative to this parasite's presence in their organisms.

Since wars are all fought by all means necessary, and being humane is mostly the least of concerns, another possible reason behind the above mentioned condition is radioactive equipment. Since most weapons the veterans used was uranium based, it is not to perceive the amount of likelihood of one's excessive exposure to radiation. Poisons, gases, and other biological weapons only add on to the list of back-firing causes.

Finally, numerous birth defects these veterans had with their children serve as clear signs of the hardships their organisms endured. This, with many other manifestations they had, all indicate the reasons and causes behind their syndrome, making most of them impossible to be cured and taken care of.

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