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A Wide-spread Parasite
Roundworms live in the many places on Earth. Mostly, they inhabit warm parts of the world, and are rarely found in colder countries. These are parasites which inhabit human and animal organisms. There they feed and lay eggs, multiplying and causing numerous diseases. A grown roundworm may be even 16 inches long, making this infection even more dangerous. Most of these worms leave their eggs in our organism, while they, themselves, get expelled through our feces and end up back in the nature this way. So, then, they inhabit the soil, living up to 5 years of age. This is why children are the most endangered group when it comes to roundworm infections. Many of them like playing in the dirt, neglecting their hygiene, often getting their hands in contact with their mouth. This way, they get exposed to roundworms. Right now, there are more than a billion people suffering from a roundworm infection, everywhere around the world. Thus, in order to know how this infection may be noticed, you need to know the right symptoms and how to recognize them.
Manifestations of Roundworm Infections
Mostly, this condition involves abdominal pain and liver enlargement. However, since many other illnesses may also cause these conditions, it is important to know what other symptoms may appear. Fever is an often sign of infection, thus, each time when it is combined with abdominal pain, as well as diarrhea, you may take roundworm infection into consideration. Additionally, you might experience coughing and discoloration of your upper lip. Muscle spasms, allergies, vomiting and itching all add on to the list of possible manifestations of this problem. Moreover, you may even experience lactose intolerance due to roundworm exposure.
Taking into consideration that roundworms may spread all over your organism, including your brain and eyes, the list of symptoms may vary as well. Many of the previously mentioned ones are usually connected with flu as well. Thus, be aware of these misconceptions. Know that people infected with these parasites cannot gain weight and may also experience eye problems, visible tumors in this area and even complete blindness.
Possible Treatment for Roundworms
The most dangerous thing about these creatures is recognizing them while they are in your organism. Many confuse roundworm infestation with other illnesses. Therefore, whenever experiencing combinations of any of the symptoms mentioned above, seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Then, your doctor will examine you and establish a proper diagnosis. Once found, roundworms are easily treated with adequate medications.

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