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There are a lot of people all over the world who suffer from autism. It can cause a lot of problems and it is mainly the children who suffer from it. However, it is not uncommon for older people and adults to suffer from it. The problem is that it is not easy spotting the symptoms in adults. It is really rare for the symptoms to be discovered in adults. These symptoms are much easier to discover in young people.

Main factors of autism

Apart from being hard to discover, the symptoms of autism in adults are not the same with every person. People who do not know what autism is should know that it is a neural development spectrum disorder. The main characteristic of this disorder is the impairment of social interaction and communication. According to the experts, it is normal for a person with autism to have restricted and repetitive behavior. People should also know that there are two types of autism disorders and these are the Asperger syndrome and PDD-NOS. The delay in cognitive development and language are the main characteristics of Asperger syndrome. Certain problems are characteristic for people with autism, like seizure disorders, gastrointestinal problems, mental retardation and illness. However, there are some autistic people who do not suffer from any of these problems.

Symptoms of autism in adults

The most obvious symptoms of autism in adults are seen in his or her social and communication skills. A person with autism will have problems in these areas.

Language barriers are a common symptom. A person with autism will not have an easy task verbalizing the things he or she wants to say. It is not uncommon for the speech to sound robotic and rehearsed.

Social awkwardness is another pretty common symptom. A person suffering from autism will avoid eye contact totally. These people find it hard making face to face communication.

Communication and time flow problems

Apart from having problems communicating with other people, a person with autism will have a lot of problems simply communicating. Only in rare situations a person with autism will start a conversation. It is also pretty hard for a person with autism to understand facial expressions, body language and non-verbal cues of other people. Keeping the track of time is also almost impossible for people with autism and that is another common symptom. Apart from these, some of the other signs of autism in adults are lack of emotional control, sensitivity to light, sounds and crowd, motor activities and other personality problems.

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