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Pervasive developmental disorder called autism, hampers behavior,communication, interaction and social basic skills. Persons who have IQaverage or more and have few autism symptoms are termed HFA, or the highfunctioning autism. Health care professionals and parents can detect suchsymptoms during the early stages of the child's life, but in some cases theproblem cannot be seen until they become adults. Abilities like reading,speaking and writing are not impaired among the persons suffering from autism, but they have a different mindset. This is why interaction proves to be such aproblem for them. The nature of the autism is something that we do not know much about, alongwith the correct treatment, but there are certain facts we know and we willstate them in the following lines.


Most of us have come across an autistic child on the street or on the TV show, butthe majority of people do not know what this problem really is about. This is acomplex disability and it impairs the child's development. Sometimes this disorderis developed at birth, but it is mostly developed at the early stage of life.Symptoms and signs of autism are usually visible from the first to the thirdyear of the child's life. Autism hampers the brain functions and this is whyit is a neurological system disorder. Also, the communication of the child isimpaired along with the interaction. Autism spectrum disorder, or the ASD, causes the same behavioral sets and theadaptation for the new condition is something the child will not take likely. Youhave to prepare the child for the future state of affairs and the forthcomingchange. The change will be accepted better if this is done. Autism is a widespectrum disorder and so different cases of autism can develop different signsand symptoms.


Incapability for an eye contact is a common symptom. Also, people sufferingfrom autism tend to have different social skill issues. Clumsiness in interaction with people and insensitive comments regarded as offensive by most aresome of the symptoms of mild autism. Complete lack of interest for other peopleis seen among severe cases. Sometimes these persons will not even be aware thatsomeone is communicating with them. Empathy is another common symptom and sothey have problems with feelings of other people. But this problem can becorrected and improved if frequent practice and reminding to empathizewith other people is included. Surprise, the effect of the brightlights, strong smells and loud noises may develop problems among the autisticchildren. They are afraid of the sudden things like these but they can copewith them more if they are aware of their coming. These are some of the basicinformation on autism and we hope they can help you if you have a friend or afamily member suffering from this disorder.

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