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Swollen Ankles and Hands

Swelling is usual response of the tissue to injury and inflammation. But, it may be also symptom of certain medical conditions and disorders. If people are suffering from swollen ankles and hands one explanation may be related to increased intake of food rich in salt. Overconsumption of salty food and increased intake of salt lead to water retention and consequently result in swelling which may affect ankles and hand. However, there are several more causes of swollen ankles and hands.

Causes of Swollen Ankles and HandsPregnancyPregnancy is a delicate state which causes numerous changes in a woman's body. Women do not have problems with swollen ankles and hands in the beginning of the pregnancy. This problem usually occurs in the third trimester. Swelling of particular body parts is connected to accumulated fluid in body tissues. In pregnant women ankles and hands are predominantly affected with edema. Apart from accumulation of the fluid women also suffer from insufficient drainage of the blood from the veins in legs which is another cause of swollen ankles during pregnancy. HypothyroidismPeople suffering from hypothyroidism are very susceptible to edema. Swelling can affect ankles and hands but it can also spread to other parts of the body. Apart from edema hypothyroidism also leads tom obesity, dryness of skin and hair, hair loss, and constipation. Kidney DisordersSwelling of the ankles and hands is typical for certain kidney problem. Edema typically develops in advanced stages of renal insufficiency and it may also occur in some acute diseases of the kidneys such as nephrotic syndrome. Liver DisordersPeople with damaged liver function suffer from swollen ankles and hands as well. One of the characteristics of improper function of the liver is water retention. This is evident in liver cirrhosis where patients apart from swollen ankles and hands also suffer from ascites, accumulated fluid in the peritoneal cavity. In cirrhosis swelling occurs as a consequence of insufficient production of albumin and lack of the proteins generally leads to edema.Heart ConditionsSwelling of the ankles and hand is only one characteristic of insufficient function of the heart. Weakness of the right part of the heart typically features with swelling of the ankles and hands. Insufficient pumping of the heart in advanced stages causes accumulation of the fluid not only in ankles and hands but also in vital organs such as lungs. Edema of the lungs is a serious medical condition and it requires prompt medical treatment.

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